How would you approach storing rating data of multiple users to 1 or many (at the moment around 100) skills?

I’m thinking to have only a choice list of skills…that you can add or remove… then to the separate sheet, you add a new record for each rating with the name of the skill, row ID of that skill, rate, who rated, and who was rated… now you can do all magic with that kind of data

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that sounds like a good plan! thank you uzo =) i will give that a try. can you explain what you mean by having “only a choice list of skills”?

don’t combine skills and users as X,Y dimensions it will never work without the script adding new columns and copying formulas…
so… you need a separate sheet with just skills names and row IDs… and a separate sheet with users and row IDs… and a separate sheet with records of users ratings

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oh yes, you mean the part where i said i have a rating column for each user in the skills table (e.g. uzosRating, robsRating etc.) as i can’t automatically add new columns.

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yes! you will have data sheets of each rating made

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got it! wow, thank you so much. i think that will work! :slight_smile: so have everything seperate and relate through row ids.

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yes… then if you need a summary or average… just get the user row ID to filter out skills from the data sheet… to have a hard copy of all skills for all users… you need to have a script to add columns with formulas for each new user or skill

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that helped miles uzo! thank you. much love from germany.

i will think about it more tomorrow, how to make it simpler

Yeah i will have to snooze a night over it as well :slight_smile: Thank for all the time you’ve spent thinking about it. Appreciating so much. Will report if i made any progress tomorrow! Good night.

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Hey @dartiede … are you looking for something like this?


Oh nice! Yeah it’s really close. I would love to see a video on json. Half asleep right now, so gonna watch again tomorrow with a fresh and rested brain. :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m thinking… to have dynamic filters is not a problem… but to have hard data, it has to be all records compressed into one cell

Hey Rob,

watched again today. That is a nice solution for the problem. Veryinterested in how the JSON gets turned into a view in a tab. Very exciting!

Thanks to you and uzo for diving into this <3

Very much appreciated and can’t wait to watch your next video(s).

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