How would I make a song a limited time available?

This is what I would like to do: make a new song from a band available for a limited time, say 3 days. And not 3 set days, I know how to do that. But 3 days after a persons checks the page. So 3 days after today for me, but 3 days after tomorrow for someone else. Any ideas how to do that?

Only thing I can think of is display a list of your songs as an in-line list on a tab/screen that references the user profiles as the source sheet. Have two columns. One column is a true/false check box … the other is a column that will house a timestamp. Then create a Google script that will place a timestamp in that column for that user whenever the box becomes true.

I JUST did a video on this (Part #9)

Create a third column of that date +3 days.

Lastly, create some visibility conditions on that screen. First, only displayed in line list once they check that box. Second hide the check box once they’ve checked it. Third, hide the in-line list once that third column timestamp is within today.

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thanks,Bob, i’ll dive into this!