How update a list of rows

hello everybody
My application manages a group of associations, and each association manager would like to update the end date of their members’ membership via a button (with a function).
Note that each association manager only accesses (views) its members. Currently it is me, in the background, who modifies the dates of each association, so I would like to automate this update by selecting one association at a time
Is it possible ? In sheet mode, I select the association and the date column, then I make the modification, for example 2002 → 2023, and the entire column of this association is modified.
I hope I was clear enough.
Thank you for your suggestions

So for any given association, is the end date for all members exactly the same date?

If that’s the case, I would store the end date in the association table, and then you only have one value to update for each association.

And to get the end date for any given member, you would have a relation from your members table that matches them to the appropriate association, then use a lookup via that relation to obtain the end date.

Excellent idea, but some members of the same association have different dates. Because they take a subscription for 3 months, 6 months, etc.
Ex: all those (150) that date in April 2022 update them in April 2023, the other 600 from November 2022 to November 2023, etc.

Do those with the same subscription type all expire on the same date?

If they do, you can still use that same approach. You’ll just need a couple of extra lookup columns.


Sorry for the late reply, I was away for a few days.
Ok, I rephrase my question, I hope more clearly.
I would like to update only the year (2022 ->2023) for a single association.
I know how to select the members of a single association, but I don’t know how to modify in a date, the year to make +1
Thus, if there are members with dates in the middle of the year, ex: 04/12/2022, it will suffice to change 2022 to 2023.
The date is in the format “date”
How to modify the year (2022 ->2023) of a zone in “date” format? And do the update for all the lines concerned
Thank you for your suggestions

It might be useful if you can show me what your data looks like, so that I can better visualise.

I assume that you have two tables: Associations and Members. Can you show me what each looks like please?

If your data is in Google Sheets, please don’t show me that. I need to see what it looks like in the Glide Data Editor. Please ensure that the column headings are clearly shown in the screen shots.

Hello Darren,
here you are le copy of application

To access at the liste of "members " (adherents, you type this code : 530952079 and 3 button appareas
You can see that some membres (file adherents) with differents values.
I think use a field withe value and substitue by another value
If the administrator wants modify members with 2020 to 2023, he can deo it

That doesn’t really help me to advise you.

Again, I need to see what your data looks like in the Glide Data Editor - both your Associations and Members tables.

Just as a side note - are you aware that all your “Access Codes” are viewable from the first tab in your app?

Apart from that, this method of restricting access is totally insecure. Even if the codes weren’t readily available as they are, it would be relatively easy for somebody who knows where to look to discover them.

Also, I see that your App is in French. As I don’t read or speak French, it may be better if I tag one of our French speaking experts, who might be able to assist better.

@nathanaelb - hope you don’t mind? :pray:

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I know but I don’t know how to remove the All See option, or see everything.
It is not a sensitive application, there is no personal or sensitive data, only validity dates of the person consulting. therefore a malicious person, I do not know what he could do with it.
You don’t have access to data? How to do when publishing so that you can see the data?
Here is the list of fields in the Adherent file, the field concerned is “Validity”
Last name, First name, Association, Validity, Address, AS Connection code, License, E-mail, image AS, Telephone, Img validity, Real-number, Manager, :lock: Row ID, us-Date of validity

Hi @Leonfort2, have you tried using a math column and adding 365 to your date column?

DateTime column (basic column) and DateTime the following year (math column)

Configuration of the DateTime computed column the following year

(Si vous préférez passer au français, n’hésitez pas.)

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Hello Nathanalb

Ok, this feature I did not know. Thanks.
I created a Date+Year column and the Math function gives me exactly the date + a year.
However, I would like the manager to be able to trigger the update with a button (tab?) as shown in the attached screenshot.


My idea is to create an associated action, programmed as follows:
If the validity date is < today’s date then I substitute the value of the Date+Year field.
But it does not work. What do you think ? Where is errrrrror ?
Thanks for your help

I don’t precisely understand what you are trying to achieve in the front-end (the user experience) of your app. Would you mind describing again what the user sees and what he will do in different cases? Feel free to add your translation in French.

Je clique sur le bouton Associations

J’ai 2 associations et leurs responsables

je clique sur le premier et j’ai le détail du responsable

Je saisi le code accès réservé et le bouton Liste des adhérents s’affiche

Je clique sur ce bouton et la liste de cette association s’affiche
Je vois qu’il y a un adhérent qui a la date d’adhésion en 2021 que je veux passer en 2022
Je voudrais mettre un bouton comme indique ou une action tab et transférer la colonne Validité+365 dans le champs validité
De même pour la deuxième association où il n’y a que 2 adhérents à MAJ

Problème 1 :slight_smile:
J’ai créé un champs Test Validité
Ensuite j’ai créé l’affichage de la liste ainsi
D’abord la relation Adhérent - Association
Pour afficher uniquement les adhérents dont la date de validité = OUI
Mais il n’y a rien qui s’affiche, si je modifie la condition en NON alors la liste s’affiche, et je ne comprends pas

Problème 2 :slight_smile:
Au cas où je réussi à afficher la liste des OUI pour cette association, je voudrais Transférer la valeur du champs Année+365 dans le champ Validité, par un Set Value Validité : Année+365, pour cette liste

Ce que j’ai réussi à faire :
1- sélectionné la liste des adhérents d’une association donnée
2- créé le champs Année + 365
3- créé un champ Test Validité < Today

Ce que je n’ai pas réussi à faire
1- limiter l’affichage aux adhérents ayant la valeur Test validité = OUI
2- transférer la valeur Année+365 dans le champ Validité

Voilà en termes simples
Pour une association donnée, afficher la liste des adhérents ayant la date de validité < à Today et par une “action” mettre le champs Année+365 dans le champs Validité

Merci de m’avoir lu jusque là et j’espère ne pas vous avoir trop ennuyé
Encore merci pour vos suggestions

One problem is that you are trying to use an action to show a filtered list. That’s not how that works. That validity check in the action is only looking at one specific row. You should ‘Show New Screen’ without any IF condition in your action. Instead, a filter should be applied to either the list relation component, or to your list on the next screen. In the filter settings for the list, you can check for Yes or No.

Once you have your list on the new screen, you can set an action on the list to update the date by using a Set Column Value action that copies the calculated date to your regular date column.

Hi Jeff
I had already obtained the list of YES by the filter. But that doesn’t solve my problem.
Indeed, if I understood correctly, the action you suggest, changing the date +365 to the validity date (set value …) is only possible for each element of the list (Action Show detail) , but my problem is how to apply the same action (set value…) to the whole filtered list with one action.
There are associations which have more than 200 members, in total more than 3000 members. I can’t see them performing 200 actions one by one
That’s why I’m looking for how to perform a general replacement on the result of a filter.
Thanks again for your suggestions.

Not possible. Glide doesn’t have an option to apply to multiple rows at the same time. You can only act on one row at a time. You would need some sort of outside service that could update the date in multiple rows.

I’ve been following this thread and I’ve been under the impression that you wanted this to be a manual process where a manager decides if a date should be updated for a member, or not.

A math formula could keep the member dates updated forever without any need for a manager to manually update the dates. You would simply show the calculated math date which would roll to the next year once the date passes. No need for a manager to do anything at all. It would be automatic. But I’m confused, since you want a manager to interact with a filtered list, so I assumed you want the manager to choose one by one, which members get the updated date.

Also, I have a better formula that would calculate the new date and properly handle cases, such as leap year, and extra days, such as Feb 29, but I first want to understand what you want. Do you want these dates to automatically roll to the next year once current date passes, or does the manager really need to have some sort of control over which members get updates. Why does the manager need to be involved if they are just going to update a large number of member dates at one time. I’m just trying to understand how these dates are are used in your app. I feel like we are making it much more complicated than it needs to be.

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I try to be clear:
The application now manages 15 clubs
The number of members of an association can vary from 100 to 960
The update of validity dates for members (ex: 2022 → 2023) is done once a year, from January 1, 2023.
There are 2 fields: the validity field and the Year+365 field which is calculated by a math formula (the treatment of leap years is not important)
I display by filters the list of all the members of a club with the validity date of each one: it works
Need :
Once the list of members is displayed, from January 1 (that’s easy), I would like an action that updates the field Year+365 → Validity date

I was thinking of performing this update operation from the club list, but you say it is not possible
You say that it is possible to program something automatic to make the change of dates?
Attention: it must be done for a given Club and not for all the clubs (the file has more than 3000 members)

I am interested to know how to perform this operation.

If the manager wants to modify a particular member, he will update it individually

Thanks again

So as I understand it, an association can decide if they want the dates to update or not. Because of that, it can’t entirely be automatic for every member of every association.

I think one solution would be to have a column in the association table that contains the year. Then use a relation/lookup in the member table to bring that year into the member table. Then through a creative math formula, maybe it could be used to determined if the date automatically recalculates to the next year, or if it stops at the current year. I don’t think this would be an easy formula, but I do think it’s possible. However, it would probably be easier to break it down into multiple math and IF columns that will ultimately determine if one year should be added or not. You would only set a members intial date once, but a math column could automatically recalculate the date based on the current year value set by the association. The goal is to update one column in one row, but let math take care of the 900 other rows.

Now you also say that an association can update one individual member if needed. You would probably need additional Math/IF logic to handle any of those cases.

I don’t really have step by step instructions. It would be a bit more involved to get it set up, and besides, I don’t really know enough about your app to say what is the best method or not.

Unless you are willing to explore using Make, Zapier, Google scripts, or something else with the glide API, I would focus more on trying to update one association row so it updates multiple member rows automatically, instead of trying to find a way to update multiple member rows at once (which pretty much isn’t possible). I think this will take a completely different approach from what you are trying to do now.

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Correct, but more simple, with a form where the manager update the data of each member.
When the manager list all member of his association, he can display detail of one member and he update data like adress, data, validity, etc. That’s why when the list has 900 rows,… updating each member is not acceptable.

I did not imagine that it would be so complex to achieve, whereas in google sheet you to select a range of values and make the changes or in SQL: UDPDATE Table where … but it seems to me not possible to program neither neither

Hello Jeff
I have developed a google apps macro, where I update the dates of a particular association.
I still have to figure out how I can trigger this macro from a GLIDE button action (?). I will be grateful if you help me.