How to work with delay between loading images and showing text?

I have a welcome onboarding workflow in my app where the user needs to set a few different necessary variables.

It’s in total 8 steps. Each step has a new image and new text associated with it.
The whole step is controlled by a step counter. Every-time the user pushed the next button the count goes up.

Then I have a 3 IF/Else columns that uses the step counter to determine what image and what text to display.

My problem is that the text loads way quicker than the images, so there is always a really annoying delay. The images are not massive - SVG’s between 40-100kb each.

Does anyone know if there are a way to fix this, so both image and text appear at the same time?

I think you can just live with a “show new screen” action each time and use a pre-determined image for each step, instead of using a calculated column for it. You would also not eat up your edits count.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh, will try this and revert back…

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