How to view Pro Private App on Desktop - Without using Chrome Browser as installer

Hi, is it possible to install a glide app (pro version) onto a desktop PC without using chrome as the installer?

The reason I ask is our company has a global permissions lock on users installing any 3rd party apps to chrome, and I’m not confident they will care enough to change the policy just for our small team.

Basically I don’t have permission to see the plus icon as mentioned in the how to tutorials and therefore cant then link it to windows. Shortcuts work but not apps.

It’s just one step away from being awesome! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter if it’s free or pro app, you’re able to install in your desktop

May I ask you, which browser you’re using in your desktop?

Hi Lucas,

Thanks for the reply, but the version does matter in my case as only Pro has “enable desktop view” feature which is what I am trying to get up and working.

The browser is Google Chrome on the desktop.

Ok but when I said that it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t. Because even if you have a pro plan, download for desktop in your chrome is available for any version, it’s a browser feature. That’s what I meant