Glide in use on laptop won't transfer to desktop

Greetings. I’m app was built for me and a received it on my laptop, but when I tried to work with it on my desktop, I couldn’t. Please help.

Welcome @Mirendacan and greetings, how are you trying to open the app on your desktop and what happens when you try open it on your desktop?

This is what I get when I share the link.

If this is a free app then on your desktop you will see a Mobile Preview, as you show in the screenshot. Here is a link to the Glide Library article that describes how apps are displayed on different devices:

It’s not a free app. I purchased it from a Glide Guru. I will use your link. If I still can’t view Glide on my desktop as I view it on my laptop, I will ask for help again.

Do I need to purchase a Pro account in order to view Glide on by desktop?

Yes, an app must be on a Pro plan in order to view in Tablet/Desktop mode.

got it.