Does I can convert My Glide app to a Desktop app?

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So we can publish our Glide app to the apple store and Google play store through the But how do we publish it like an Desktop app? I mean that user can use that app on the Desktop without going to the browser and type the link and search. Like download the app on our Desktop. So I searched about this one Google and I found a good platform called ToDesktop.

So with this we can convert a web app to a Desktop app. So we can use this for the Adalo web apps but I want to know does I can convert our Glide app to a Desktop app through this platform?

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If you’re using Chrome on your desktop, when you open a Glide app link, you can “install” the app. This will place the app icon on your desktop and it will open in its own window afterwards — essentially the same as the “add to home screen” process on your mobile device.


Thank you @kyleheney for the reply. Hmm…
I thought about this but I thought this on a different way.

Any way . Thanks for the answer. Appreciated :+1:

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