🤔How to: Use the selecting of a screen to start an action process (w/pic)


In the photo on the left side will be a list of menu items. They’ll populate in the center when selected (that part is working fine).

Some of the items will be customized even more and I would love for the actual selecting of the screen to trigger an action.

i.e. user clicks Screen “VRTCL” → background math switches to match it’s VRTL equations

In other words, the choosing of the menu item (screen) would trigger some of the background customizations.

How can I make that happen?


No, it’s not possible.


Any ideas on ways to accomplish the same goal?

Thanks for the reply!

I don’t understand this part, can you give a more detailed example?

My apologies.

The screen in the photo would be just one of about 6.

I like where the current one is located, so it would be awesome when selected customized input screen opens just for THAT screen.

Efficiency is important so I’m trying to best eliminate extra screens and extra clicks to focus on inputting information.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for the reply!

I still don’t understand this part. Are you talking on the tab level, or do you mean you will open a form after navigating to that screen?

Because if you’re talking on the top level, you can add whatever things you need on a details screen.