🤔 How to?: Use Multiple Actions with a button to also paste after copying to clipboard?


I see that I have the ability to copy to clipboard, but how do I paste what I copied?

It would be great if I could “copy to clipboard” and paste that information into another row in the data table.

Any thoughts?

You can use shortcuts: Ctrl v or Cmd v

What exactly is your use case though? Do you mean as a user you want to paste your clipboard to a specific row, and if yes, what relation does it have with the original row?

I mean as part of the app.

The user needs to be able to copy an ID and paste it elsewhere in the app.

I don’t see a way to paste as an action.

Can’t that be done with the set column value action that you place on a button?

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Two entries in the same table share a 'base id" that is in an array column.

Since they are not input at the same time, the “base id” is how to connect them.

The base id can only have two entries at a time, so I’m trying to copy some info from one row to another. Any thoughts?

Can you not use a relation plus lookup?

Whatever, an action that does both copy and paste is the last thing you want. That’s like asking how to turn on your television by rewiring your house. Just use the remote…


I appreciate the analogy, however, I’m not versed enough in Glide Apps to know it was that level of a request.

Right now I’m just trying to figure out the fewest steps to get the job done.

It’s possible that the relation and lookup I have been doing is improperly executed.

Based on your observation, what are the correct step to execute your suggestion?

Thanks for the reply!


Circling back to this, why is your “base ID” an array column? Do you have multiple base IDs?