Copy to Clipboard usage

If I AddRow( table A ) which has computed columns and then “Copy to Clipboard” one of those computed columns can I access the clipboard data to paste into another AddRow( table B).

I am have created a text summary ‘label’ from data in table A and I want to insert it into table B during an Action Sequence.

Of course with Glide there is probably another way to do this same thing.


As long as your second “Add row” action which writes to table B can access the “Label” value in table A (and it already exists, I assume?) then you can just reference that column in the action.

Is that the case for you?

I use a working table to store all col values while they are being updated and then write them to the final table (Table A).

Table A then transforms some of the column data into a ‘Label’. I wanted to write this value to Table B.

Instead I moved the ‘transform into Label’ logic in Table A to the working table since it contained all the same data and use the working Table to update Table B.

Accomplishes the task - I get the summary ‘Label’ written to Table B and the actual Data written to Table A. I use the working table to accomplish this.

Thanks for the feedback.

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