How to use data from joined item and parent element in form


I have an inline list coming from a multiple relation. I am in a product details page, and the inline list is displaying a lookup of specific field from a join on another table called product-campaigns – so seach item in this list is a campaign to which the product belongs. Upon clicking on an action button for one of these joined campaigns, I want to be able to use some of the campaign fields, as well as some of the initial product data from the parent product screen, to fill in some default fields in a form that will add a record to another table. Is this possible in glide?

The issue I’m running into is that when I try to select the default values for the fields in the form, only the columns from the relation show up as available — not any columns from the original product.

Is there any way to add a record to a table using both data from the parent product, and data from one of the items that is joined in?

The attached image shows a screenshot of my form screen and the options available for me to use as the default values. This is arrived at by starting at the product tab, clicking on a product to see the product details, and then clicking on the “add” button on a specific item in the inline list representing all the joined campaigns for that columns.



you can only show the data that exist in the:

  1. active sheet/table
  2. User Profile

to show any other data… you need to create columns like single value… rollup… lookup… to copy desired data there

Thanks for the reply Uzo. The thing is, the even if I had product data that was copied in the campaigns table which is being joined into the product details, there seems to be no way to filter the table based on the current product that is the parent screen of the form screen.

If no information about the product that was clicked two steps back is being passed to the form screen, then how could I possibly display anything that depends on the product in any way? Is this just a limitation of glide – i.e. there is no way to access information two levels up, and we need to instead build around that somehow?


Glide gives you the last and current screen data… if you need more, you have to carry values to the next screen, what I do, is copy my filters values into USC columns in the Users sheet… now these values are accessible from any place in the App without any relations or lookup

ok, that sounds like it should work… but how do i copy the product id from the details screen into usc in the users sheet? is that an action I can trigger automatically when the product is selected?

yes, change show details screen action to custom action: set column values user row… then show detailed screen

Thanks so much! That worked!


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