How to use a truncated column to link 2 tables?


I use a calculated column by Truncate Text to link to an another table.
Although the values seem to be equal, the link with an another column (type Text) does not work. I suspect a format problem.
How to solve the problem ?

Can I see a screen shot of the two columns that you are trying to match, please?

Column Rf (type Truncate Text) of table Taille
Column Référence (type Text) of table Segmentation

Okay. I believe that your issue is that the truncated string will have ... on the end of it, which is why you won’t get a match. If you widen that Rf column a bit, you should see that.

I’d suggest using the Text Slice column instead. It’s more suited to this. To get the first 7 characters you’d Start at 0, and give it a length of 7.

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Solved with Text Slice.

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