How to Use a screen value to create a result which will be submitted along with the form

Hey guys, i’m not sure if this is possible to do. If you look at the attached image, the scenario is that someone is busy adding values to a form. So they browsed to product number 5 and they are now entering the fields required before submitting their form.

We know that the product number is 5 (although it technically isn’t written into row number 12 yet) and the row number is likely to be number 12. (if no-one gets in the 12th order before them)

What i need to do is - use the product number to determine a result that will be submitted along with the form into the Code Column. (FYI, i am using a relation column, relating product number to the order number then i’m looking up that relation for a number in another column not shown here. So i know that the answer also happens to be a 5 in this instance, but whatever the answer is i need it to be added to the code column in row number 12)

Now although i know that the product number is 5 (because they clicked the order button on product number 5), it isn’t physically recorded inside the app yet, so how would i be able to use The Product No. 5 to determine the result i need to submit with this form. The thing to remember is that the result (code 5) is calculated from data that does currently exist in the sheet.

There has to be a way to do this?
Any ideas??

First question for you here, why do you add a product number to this row before it seems like your actual “ordering flow” is completed?

So the user would have clicked on product number 5 in a list, so we know that the product number is going to be Number 5. (although it technically isn’t written into row number 12 yet)
I need to use the product number (which we now know is 5) in the calculation that will determine what it’s code will be. The code is not preset or predetermined, it’s based on a few factors, but it’s only possible to determine what the code is at the point which the product number is selected.
Once the calculation has determined what the code will be i need to have that code written into the the code column.
So treat the 5 as though it has not been written into the sheet, it’s still in limbo, but we know it can only be a 5 since that’s the product that the user has selected.

so… write the product number into a user specific column when it’s selected. Then use that for whatever calculations need to be done, and finish off with an action that writes a new row. This is pretty standard stuff, or am I missing something?

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Oh my that’s genius. And yes you are missing something… the fact that i come from construction background and this stuff still boggles my brains every time :crazy_face: lol
I’ll try this now now but i’m sure i’ll need to ask a few questions along the way.
Thanks so much @Darren_Murphy

Hi Darren, i cannot seem to get it to work. Could you elaborate on some things. How to write the product number into the user specific column. Do i use screen columns or create an action and use set columns to write into the user specific column.
The form creates the new row, are you suggesting use the add row feature.
Would you be able to create a quick video like you did the last time? Been at this all day, with zero luck.

How about if you show me what you have and where you’re stuck, and then maybe I can give you a point in the right direction :slight_smile:

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