How to update the values of "values from screen" after shuffle order in Glide app

Hello, I’m Rina.
I have recently started using Glide.

I would like to know about updating values of “Values from screen” after “Shuffle order”.

When I click on the form button, the form input screen opens and I want to use “Values from screen” on the input screen to submit the form with the strings displayed on the screen without manual input by the user.
The strings are displayed in the “Basic Table”, and in the Data Table they are set as “Single Value” with “Get:Random”.

At the time, The strings displayed in the “Basic Table” can be shuffled, but the strings retrieved from the “Values from screen” do not match the strings displayed after shuffling.

Please tell me how to get the strings displayed on the screen after the “Shuffle order” in Values from screen.

Values from screen pertain to the values from your previous screen!
As you can see screen values in the form, that means, your main view is details view and you have added the list and the form button!

Before opening of your form, the screen that was visible, you get the values from that!
You would get access to the selected row of information, so the filtered row of the screen!

The list is an independent element and the form button is an independent element and would not have information from the list!

Sorting order (Be it specific or shuffle) doesnt affect which row of information shows up on screen values

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Thank you for showing me how it works!
I understood it well.

As a countermeasure, I customized the “Action” when the shuffle button is pressed and set both “Shuffle Order” + “Go Back”.

Each time it returns to the previous screen and opens the form entry screen again with the shuffled state, so I can now do what I intended.

(However, from the viewpoint of user experience, I am concerned that this may cause some inconvenience because the form button needs to be pressed each time…)

If there is a better way, please let me know.

Thank you!

You can try out glide pages as it has form containers!
It can have forms without buttons and they work perfectly on the phone version as well!

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Thanks for your advice!

Building with Glide Page, I have solved the question I asked this time, as well as other concerns I had been having!

Thank you so much!!!

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