Show random sentences to user, Shuffle? Roll dice? how to?

I would like to show my users different sentence (sort of greeting message) for specific scenario.
How can I shuffle or show the sentences by random?

I created a list in sheets of the sentences:
sentence 1
sentence 2
sentence 3 and so on…

I would like that the system “will choose” different sentence if “something” equals ‘1’.

What is right approach for it?
Thank you.

Single Value → Random should do the job.

I had a doubt about the random option. Does it select a value randomly every time?

It will select the same random value.
But you can use the Shuffle Order action to select another random value.

Let me explain my use case. I have a list of resources in one table. I want to display a random item from the resource table at the click of a button, every time. I would like to learn about how a shuffled order action would solve this issue.

Assuming that you are navigating to a details screen via a list, create a custom action with two steps:

  • Shuffle Order
  • Show Details Screen → This Item

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Thank you for helping quickly. This roadmap will help me deliver the right solution.