🔀 Something random this way comes

In staging now…the shuffle action!


That looks interesting, but I don’t get it. Tried to test it and nothing changes when I click on it.

I try to understand it as well

It didn’t work for me when I was applying it to an in line list. When I applied it to a single item like a text or image that’s when it would shuffle. Looks like it shuffles a random item down the rows. It also appears that if you have a picture and a basic text both set to shuffle, when clicked, it will display a new picture and a new text from the same row.

I was in a detail screen like you, but it wouldn’t shuffle to other rows when clicked. I did exactly what you showed in the video. I assume it only shuffles values in that single component from other rows in the same sheet? I’ll have to play again some other time.

Yes that’s right. It seems like sometimes when I clicked nothing would happen but if I kept clicking it would. Maybe I was clicking and it randomly chose the same row number?

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