Shuffle button

I tried playing with Reshuffle.
Let’s shuffle!!


Really cool app and good use of the shuffle button.

@K_Nishiwaki nice👍 How did you get the YouTube to play when you click the shuffle button?

Get the playlist ID using the YouTube DATA API.

Simply connect to the url below with the template function of the glide data table.


Hey @K_Nishiwaki! That’s a neat app.

I am trying to get a pokemon app for my son but I am having trouble making the shuffle button work.

Any trick/logics that I need to know?


P.S. This is my first time using the reshuffle action.

The reshuffle button when placed on a page Will randomize the displayed sort order of any lists displayed on the same page when clicked.

So change the page type to details then add a list and a button with the reshuffle action configured and you should be up and running

Hey @Cmstewart42,

I tried it that way. it did not work for me.


Need to sort your list by random. Features, sort, random.

Then the reshuffle button will shuffle them. I’ve been doing that but trying how to only display one result.

There would be a delay, but you could add a randbetween formula in the spreadsheet. To generate a random number 1-x where x is the number of rows in the sheet. Then Grab the maximum number using a Rollup column and filter where the randbetween is the maximum.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto, I’ll try this option.

Actually, this might not work, because the randbetween numbers only change if the sheet is edited.

What if you didn’t use the reshuffle. Use an increment button instead that would edit the sheet which would shuffle the randbetween values. There would be a lag though.

The ranbetween gets updated if you go into the Google sheet settings and pick update by time. I did this to try and get my single view. It sort of works, but you are right it is delayed. I then added a switch to force the update as well in the glide sheet. It seems to double shuffle. Once when the glide data updates and then when the sheet updates and then when it sends it back to glide.

Rand updates every time any change is made to the sheet.

That’s what I did but I wanted to try the shuffle button.


Duh…do this. Don’t use an inline list. Build your own single view with an image and text:


I tried to do that, but couldn’t it to cycle through the images. Do you have each image link in a row on one column? I had 4 images and put a button with reshuffle and couldn’t get it to go through the list. What you did is exactly what I am looking to do.

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Exactly! Make sure you have the tab sorted Randomly

That was it! I was trying to sort in the component itself and not the tab! Once I did that, beautiful!

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