How to sync user profile updates automatically to a different Sheet?


  • SOS: time sensitive; First time Glide user – can’t figure out how to sync Users profile updates with the intended Attendees sheet visible on app
  • Really want to avoid manually referencing between 2 sheets for any manual updates…how can I ensure what users are uploading to their profile (update pic, bio, company, links) is live on the app?

Long version:
Hello! I’m a first time Glide user, creating an app for an event–and I would really appreciate your help solving my stuck points. The main point of the app is to showcase the schedule, speakers, and attendees. A few points for context:

  1. Originally have created a Google Sheet connection for the Speakers (1 tab) and realized that was the only one I could connect due to API–other data sources had to be imports or table directly in Glide.
  2. We then created an Attendees list as a separate data source directly in Glide (because it’s not clear how to make multiple tabs within 1 Google sheet work for me at this time).
  3. Then we pivoted and decided that the Attendees tab should contain both Speakers and Attendees. At this point, the speakers were manually added onto the Attendees data source due to pressing deadlines (so, speakers + attendees lists aren’t syncing at the moment).

This is when I am realizing the stuck point #1 of having a public app and Attendees list set as my ‘Users Table’ data source: everybody somebody logs in, it dilutes the actual Attendees list I intend to keep under my control. Carried out temporary solution: create a separate Users list that duplicates the Attendees list with all the pre-filled out information such as photo and links etc.

Which brings me to stuck point #2: now, if somebody is logging in and changing their photo or any other information in their user profile, it’s updating the wrong sheet (Users) and not Attendees like I want it to.

I understand this has gotten messier than it needed to be and already have some ideas on how to do better next time, but as this is time sensitive I’d very much appreciate somebody’s expertise here.


  1. Is there a way for me to connect the ‘Users’ table to the ‘Attendees’ table so that anybody who logs in, it updates automatically?
  2. What is the best way for me to proceed here to ensure that people logging in are able to edit their information, and if it matches the curated ‘Attendees’ list, it would just update on its own without requiring the current manual process + potential room for error?

Very grateful for any tidbits of advice or anything else you think may help.

Yes. You just need something in common between the two tables that you can use to create a relation between the two. You would create this in your Attendees table, and then use one or more lookup columns to fetch whatever data you need from the Users table.

Yes, you can allow users to edit their own profiles. If you have the above relation and lookups in place then any changes that they make should be automatically reflected in your Attendees list.

What you’re trying to do is actually quite simple, but I understand that it might not seem that way if you’re totally new to Glide. If you’d like to save some time, send me a private message and I can jump on a call with you and guide you through what needs to be done.

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