How to sort pie chart

Is there a way to sort a pie chart the way to do it with inline lists? So only show the top 10 for example?

Is there not a limit feature for charts? If not, you’ll need to rank the items in your list and give them an index. Then filter the list where rank is less than 10.

Similar to my rank leaderboard concept:

Yeah the limit is not the problem, it doesnt show highest to lower, but like this.
CleanShot 2022-11-21 at 22.09.03@2x
It feels logic to me that Glide does that sorting or gives you an option.
I’ll see what I can do with your way of working, thanks.

create a sorted column for your chart data

Don’t charts allow you to sort?

I only see visibility and filter under options, not sort data.

Ah…only Bar chart lets you sort.

How would you do that?

create an array from your data… then use the sort array function… then break that array… or if you are using Google Sheets… simply use the SORT function


When you configure you pie/radial chart, right panel, General tab, at the bottom (the section is called Options)": there you can limit the number of items displayed

The items taken are the first n values of your table. You could sort your values as follows:

If you need a further explanation on which column types to use and how to generate RowIndex via RowIDs, don’t hesitate to ask.

This :point_up:

This is what I showcase in the video above.

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@nathanaelb …you can simply use a single value column after you get the Row Index. Point the single value at the reverse array and then choose the Row Index in the “from start” field.


Thanks! You video helps, still feels complex for sorting of a list though :wink:

I am going to try! Thanks.

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Thanks! Will give it a go!

If you have a list of sales numbers (for instance) and display them in a chart, so far so good it’s a no brainer. Having to jump through all of these hoops to display a top n feels a little silly, but that’s how I would do it.

(Follow Bob’s advice: you can probably save yourself a column by using a single value column instead of the slice array column, thereby not needing to the RowNumber column.)

@Robert_Petitto @Uzo @nathanaelb Thanks all, I followed the whole route so learned some more about the Array section :wink: The weird thing is, after doing so and without changing anything Glide only showed the top list. Or Glide looks if there is a ranking column or I was the victim of a temporarily glitch … Thanks again!