How to show a "Top 10" list

I want to have a list of the top ten performing businesses like this:

The problem is that it shows the FIRST 10 listed on the Google Sheet:

Instead of the TOP ten in descending order based on the numbers.

Is there something I can do to create this correctly?

I wish they allow you to sort the data that goes into the Donut chart.

Seeing that you have that data in Google Sheets, I think you can use a rank formula to calculate the rank of each entry, then filter only the top 10 out. Nevertheless, the list of labels still won’t sort top-down.

For doing it solely in Glide:

  • Create a lookup column to return all relevant numbers in an array.
  • Sort that array descendingly.
  • Use the “find element index” column to find the index of the relevant number in the sorted array.

Please note that these are numbers, so if you go the sort way, make sure it’s properly sorted. Last time I heard about this, I think the default is sorting by alphabet.

ok this is probably way over my head but I’m going to try anyway.

First, should I do this on a new table? I was thinking that since I don’t want a bunch of the random paths to be included, that I needed to start a new table?

I started with the salons lookup, but I’m not sure if that’s right? Or how to single them out? :upside_down_face:

How are you calculating views for each salon?

I am puzzled that donut and pie charts have no “sort data” option yet.

However, bar chart has, if this chart type is an option for you.

Alternatively, you could try


Its automatically getting calculated by Google Analytics and connected to my ‘GA page path’ Google sheet. It updates daily.
Unfortunately, there are a ton different paths to each business page and due to the NCM, I’ve lost all my data prior to Aug 25.
But fortunately all the new paths contain the RowID so I was able to make relations to the business names and capture all the data.
Even though all the data is coming in on multiple rows/paths, Glide automatically tallies up all the data. Which works well for total views, but not for things that require an ‘average’ like: events taken on profile per user.

I think @Robert_Petitto addresses this subject in this video.


I think this is the correct link for Rankings (Bob linked this in his sort section, his sort in the video is just about sorting the data on the frontend, which isn’t available for this type of chart).

@Katelyn_Alberts you can take a look at this, find the corresponding column(s) in your database and build that out.