How to solve this


I have a problem of solving this.

Having an order table,on click moves to new screen asking,can el the order or go back by button bar, working correctly.

The order table lists the new order on top.
So whenever I delete the top order it delete the last to correct this.

order table is in ascending so every new order added below
But my order tab(email as row owner) should be the newest order at first

So if I delete in my order tab,it’s deleting the last order.

you can delete a row by relations… simply create a row numbers column and one column with just the number of the row you wanna delete in the first row… then use a single value column to copy this value to the whole column… next, relate this column to row numbers column… now you have a relation that point to the number you wanna delete.

Could not understand.Any simple way.

creating relations is not a simple task… it takes a few tries to get familiar with it… I suggest opening a new testing app and playing with it… in your case, I would use a single value column to get the last row number for relation

then create a relation to the row ID column:

then in button action… delete row… relation to the last row:

This means if I did this,my orders table turns to descending to ascending?


If I gets the last row id and make relations to create new orders so the newest will be in first position.right?

So every time i deletes the last added order gets deleted.

no… it will find the last row and delete it… to delete the first row… simply switch to the first in single value column

Ok .i will try this,if any help needed,pls do an example.

just look at the images I attached… it should be easy