Displaying list deletes either first or last row

Hi @Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto

My List displaying in my orders tab which are ordered in the app.

Now I have either delete the order or go back if the user clicks the order suppose to delete

If user clicks delete, it should delete that particular order but it’s not working like that.

Instead it works either deleted from first or last based on the sort order given.

Any solution ,I need to delete that particular order which the user clicks.

Sounds like you’re navigating to the wrong row. Can you show us how your actions are configured?

I assume you’re using a screen to ask the user again if they want to delete an item. If so, the action should be navigate to a new screen of “this item”.

Then on the screen, you show a button bar, with one action being go back, the other is delete this row.


Here im facing 2 problems.

  1. if i delete the order,i need to click that order and if needs to delete click yes.
    what happening: its deleting from last or first based on the sorting,but if i deletes 2nd order its deleting wrongly either the last or first based on the sort.

2.i have given only this item in the new screen but not working correctly.
attached screenshots for this,added one image in the new screen from that same order,its showing the correct image for first order but showing the same images for all order.

please check in the app.

Change the Show New Screen action in your Cancel Order custom action on your inline list to use ‘This Item’ instead of the Orders sheet. You will have to reconfigure the screen, so I recommend making a copy of the app first and copy the components on the current delete screen so you can paste them on the new delete screen.

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Thanks a lot Jeff.

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