Delete multiple rows at the same time

I have an order number PED:0001 and there are 4 items in this order. The question is: the client cancels the order and I must delete all the items from this order PED:0001, how do I physically delete these 4 items from the table in my example: I appreciate your help in advance, friends of Glide.

If you create a multiple relation from the Order to the Items, you can delete all Items through that relation. If you also need to delete the Order, I would suggest using a custom action as follows:

  • Delete Rows via multiple relation (delete all order items)
  • Wait for condition → multiple relation is empty
  • Delete Row (Order)

I would suggest not creating rows for each item in the order. Add the order ID to the items list in the USC column, delete IDs individually, or to cancel the whole order… delete the order ID… which will make existing IDs in the items list irrelevant.

Great tips @Darren_Murphy , I haven’t thought about it before, thanks for sharing!

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