How to solve a visibility condition affected by a lag problem?

Hello good people.

I have a problem like this:

  • I have a “show form” button where the user sends some personal data
  • the customer must send this form only once
  • in the show form button I have a visibility condition that does not make it appear if the form has been previously sent

… and in fact the button disappears but the problem is that it disappears after too long. There is LAG and therefore the user could be led to press the button again and mistakenly send another form.

It would be nice to do another action on submit return, but I know there is no such feature yet.

How to solve?

You can migrate your data to Glide Sheets I think.


Are you making calculations on the google sheets?
Can you make those calculations directly in the Data Editor?
Do you need that information in Google sheets?

You could have all that info in Glide table to avoid the lag.

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I think not. I’ve a Zapier action after the new row is created

Thanks, but I need in google sheet due a subsequent zapier action.

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What does your visibility condition look like? Are you using a value that’s calculated in the Google sheet, or are you simply using a relation and checking if the relation is empty or not?

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I check if the relation is empty