How to show tasks with few conditions?

Hi all,
I have a furniture store app, for the use of store’s employees, and i can’t figure out how to show to the users tasks that depends on few conditions.
More details:

  1. i have costumers table with the details of all my costumers and delivery table with all the data of product’s delivery stage.
  2. i want to show to the delivery team the task “send the table to the costumer”,only if i have costumer’s name, he paid for the order, and i got his address.

How can i do that?



You could create an if-then-else column in your table with the following conditions:

  • If Customer Name is empty, then null (leave empty)
  • If Payment is empty, then null
  • If Customer Address is empty, then null
  • Else true

And then on the front end, filter the Customer list to only show rows where the if-then-else column is checked.

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