How to Display Incomplete Tasks in a Column?

I have two columns in Relation: one with all the tasks a user must complete (let’s say 20 tasks) and one with all the tasks they have completed (let’s say 5 tasks). I want to find a way to display only the tasks that are not yet completed in a new column (in this case, a list of 15 tasks). I tried doing this via a Query and using ‘is not included in,’ but it’s not working. How can I achieve this?

The way I can think of is that you use the remove elements column, but your column must be in an array.
With a query it might be possible, but you should provide a screenshot of what your data looks like. If your all tasks data is in array, then you can use ‘does not contain’

What is your ultimate goal for displaying the tasks in a column? Also, why are you using “is not included in”? Can you show us your data structure?

I want one type of user to have access to tasks not yet validated by another.
At present, he can only see those that have been validated.

Because with this, I thought I’d be able to select, in the list of global tasks, only those that weren’t (weren’t included in…) in the list of validated tasks.

Yes. I have the Users table, which has a Multiple Files column with the array of validated task IDs (Trebuchet method from Robert Petitto’s video).
I also have a lookup of all the tasks it has to complete.

Any help? :slight_smile:

I’m still unclear about your data structure. Is there a reason why you don’t just have a list of tasks on their own rows, and have a boolean to know whether they have been completed or not?

Yes, because a given user’s task completion must be monitored by others (his managers).

So multiple people can do the same task, and you’re tracking their task completion using Trebuchet?

Yes :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if query supports this, can you try querying the Tasks table, filter by rowID is not included in the “multiple files” column that you’re storing completed tasks?

I can’t filter on a “multiple files” column

You can add a joined list column to join all the IDs of “finished tasks”, then do a query like this on the Tasks table.

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Thanks! It works :slight_smile:

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