How to show a row from table A when filling up data for table B

Here is the situation - I have these 3 sheets in my google sheet - Table A Sampling Plan indicates how many items of different products have to be picked for sampling - the Header indicates one round of picking and dispatching the samples. The detail is Table B where the entries have to come from Table A - the sampling Plan by matching the location Name (which is there in the User Profile as a column).

Ideally, I want this kinda display in the Sample Dispatch Details Screen, which is embedded in the Sample Header Details Page.

  • The sampling plan should be displayed in the form of a table - the data has to come from the Sampling Plan and the extra column (Qty Picked) alone should be added to the sampling plan
  • The user can enter the sampling qty and when he submits the form, all the entries where he has filled up sample entries should be written to the sample details table.
  • Or I can make the user enter one row at a time into sample details table, but I want to show him the remaining sample entries only - where the Qty to be Sampled - Sum(Qty Picked) is 0 so that he sees only the remaining samples that he has to pick.

Being new to Glide, I thought of adding a Data Grid from Sampling Plan, but I am not able to add an extra column and then store everything into the sample details table. Then I tried row by row, but I am not able to filter out the items to show only the relevant items.

Any suggestion on what types of views I should use to show/edit the sampling plan Table A and sampling details Table B would be appreciated? How do I do the filter to show only when there is still some sample quantity pending.

Here is a Dropbox link to the Excel sheet with the sample data that I have captured in my screenshot above

Can you show me how each of these tables appear in the Glide Data Editor?

I am assuming that in your actual App you have them split into 3 separate sheets, and not all 3 tables in one sheet, right?
If you do actually have them all in one sheet, then that is never going to work.

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Hi Darren, thanks for your response and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Of course, they are all in 3 sheets :slight_smile: - I just put them to take a screenshot.

Here is how they appear in the App as I have set it up now