How to set up an agency account to sell glide app building services

Hi Gliders,
What would be the best practice for setting up an agency account to sell glide app building services?
First of all, I want to pay for glide services as a company, not as an individual. Secondly, if I am setting up an account for my client in Glide, it would be better for them to pay Glide as a company, not as an individual.
As of now, I don’t see such an option, because when I tried to upgrade my own free account to the paid account, I did not see any fields to enter a company name into the payment form.
Most of my clients are companies and therefore they will need to submit glide expenses to their tax accounts too.
Looking forward to your advice.
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Hi Janis, welcome to Glide’s community forum.

Maybe you could look into becoming a certified expert (individuals, freelancers, consultants) or a premium expert (agency).

Glide experts overview

Become an expert blog post

Hi Nathanaelb, sure, gladly, but will it give me that ability for me and my clients to pay as a company?

If you purchase a plan for a team folder using a company credit card instead of a personal credit card, then you are paying as a company.


Well, maybe that can work in some countries, but not in the EU, we need a tax invoice from the service provider. And that tax invoice MUST be issued in the company name, not in the name of the individual. And, of course, more tax and accounting-savvy people will object that you can always delegate your private expenses to your company, but for your accountant, you need to provide an additional cover letter explaining your spending for them to be eligible for tax deduction. So why all that hassle and headache? Most of the services that I am using right now provide tax invoices in company names like Zoom and Dropbox. So I was hoping that Glide also has this ability

Glide will do annual billing via Invoice for Enterprise clients. I’m not sure about Business - you’d have to reach out to Glide Sales.


Hi @Janis_Balodis! Thanks for raising this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glide uses Stripe for payment processing. My understanding is that Stripe will infer the legal company name based on the EU tax ID specified in your billing details. Here’s the Stripe doc for reference.

You can get to the billing details via the Glide dashboard → Billing → Payment History.

It looks like this:

That said, I’m passing along your comments to see if we can make this easier. :+1:


Thanks to all for contributing to the answer.

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