How to separate/concatenate numbers and send sms

Hi, I have the following problem:
I have a user table that contains all info about my users including telephone numbers.
I have then another table that contains a row for each lists of users that I pick/choose each time based on some reasoning.
In this “lists” table I have a column with the references of all telephone numbers of all users that then I separate in another column with a comma like: TelNumb1,TelNum2,TelNumb3… the problem is that since this column is a “calculated column” it is not shown in the “compose sms” component.

The final goal is to compose a sms with comma separated telephone numbers (it works only with Android).

The only workaround I found so far is to use a Google Sheet letting it to compose the list of separated numbers. But this is not the best solution for me, also because I have had to create a script with a trigger that every minutes execute the formula for new rows… very slow.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!

You might be able to leverage something like Make+Twilio and iterate through your list.

For your existing setup I’d suggest switching to an onChange trigger.