How to send a custom invite message to users


Is there a way to send a custom invitation message through the Share function?


Yea, Create your own share function.

You mean through this screen?

Not yet, but that’s a great idea.

Can you tell me more about this ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I created a section in my app called “Invites” (each user gets X invites)
the user fills in a name (not a must) and an email, and once they click “Send Invite” I run a custom event which includes a trigger to Zappier to send an email with my predefined text

I hope this makes more sense now :slight_smile:

Superb idea! I use zapier a lot but I hadn’t really thought of doing that! I suppose we can also add a random number with letters and when the customer registers he can add this code and have this code linked to the customer who made the invitation so that he receives either a gift or something like that !

Thanks for your sharing I gonna create something like this for our customers !

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My app’s privacy is set to Private to Users in the users table.
When a user invites another user, the invited user is added to the users list with some pre-filled columns, one of them is the “Invited by” column.
So once they login and complete their profile I already know who invited them

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