How to sell app to multiple companies?

What is the process of selling your app for a per user cost to multiple entities for instance if I had an app that could be used by any hospital and i go to each hospital then they offer it to their patients how would I go about charging a per patient price. Also will they see the back end or can i just manage it.

Do you plan to have multiple apps for multiple hospitals?

I guess if that’s the case then you can just charge them based on the number of emails that are in your user profiles sheet?

If they don’t ever have access to the builder then only you can see the backend.

Just one app that can be sold to multiple locations. I just want to make sure there’s a per user cost and not just the overall location.

So is there any way to do that in Glide or just setting up a contract with them and they pay on the back end?

Will you be managing payments/subscriptions inside the app?

If yes, then one thing you might think about is you collect payments from all users, and then you pay the hospitals a referral fee.

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Yes i plan to manage in app, i’m trying to integrate Stripe then create a monthly/yearly subscription.

yes you can manage subscriptions with Stripe webhooks, and write it in google sheets

So I would need to set the facility up with some kind of code to be able to give them their referral fee?

you can set your app to manage accounts… or sell copies of your app

How can i sell copies of my app without making it viewable by the public?

Also if i sell copies would i still manage their data because they will need for me to do that it’s to much to teach someone.

it will be viewable to the person who both the copy… no remedy for that! LOL

I understand it will be viewable but will i be able to manage it?

You can sell a copy by transferring in glide team mode… then you will have access to it as long they will not cut you off

I suppose if they cut me off they will just have an unusable app lol ok

no… they will have the app as it is

Until i fix a feature it would be unusable without my weekly input i have asked another question to try and change this. Im trying to create a feature to shuffle a list weekly and show a new question.

just alert your customers not to kick you out until you finish… or go with the subscription option that they use your App and have an account (a very complicated option)

The copy was the best because the mainstream app vs. the facility app will be different.

copy is the copy… unless you own Glide and you can set other parameters … lol
if you own copy… you own the copy