How to sell app to multiple companies?

Im not following. So i made a copy of my original then tweaked it. Can i not do the same for facilities?

explain facilities…

I’m gonna show you an example of selling apps templates…

template market button
Click that button…
if you buy it… you own it… You can resale it. I do not own Glide… so I can’t prevent reselling… but it turns out … people like that… and they buying it!

So if i sell my app template instead of them subscribing they can go sell it as well? If thats the case ill just have everyone subscribe and just use a facility code

yes… that’s what subscriptions are for… but much less buyers for subscriptions


I forgot to attach the link to the button… now is good

I don’t want to sell my template way to innovative. Thank you though for clarity

now I’m lost… what you wanna do…

I’ll just pitch to facilities and give them a referral code for their patients to use and i will set every patient on subscription.