How to select Outlook when Composing an Email

I have a button to Compose Email. All my users have Outook in their mobile phones but the function usually launch the mobile’s native email app. Is there a way to automatically open in Outlook (this makes sure they use company’s email address to send rather than their personal account).

I assume that each user is going to need to set the default email app for there device. How that’s done all depends on the device and the OS, but I think a google search could give you instructions how to do that.

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Thanks for your reply. What I meant is make Glide opens Outlook automatically instead of making every user to change their setting.

I know what you meant, and like I said, it’s not determined by the Glide app. It’s determined by the OS on the device. Glide doesn’t open the app. The phones operating system opens the app based on the url link that’s generated, and whichever app is set as the default to open those kinds of links.

The link usually looks something like this:

<a href = " = Feedback&body = Message">
Send Feedback

As you can see, there is nothing about that link that says which app to use. The OS checks which app is the default to handle that type of link and opens that default app because that is what the user has set.

It’s no different on a computer. If I open a PDF, I can potentially open it in the browser, Adobe, or some other PDF viewer. If I always want it to open a certain app, then I have to explicitly set the default. Same with email. If I have multiple email apps on my computer, I have to choose which one is the default.