How to search & compare 2 (or more) rows with data in different tables

At this point, I think you would have to submit a support request to Glide.

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Could you please get more details on this.

  1. I created a new table with a template column.

  2. I created 2 rows in existed table (template + relation)

I’m confused about where to put 2 values from pills list to compare.

And after all, even if I put main_component values to the new table, how it correlates with the solution described by Darren_Murphy above?

@Jeff_Hager Could you please clarify that?

Anyone else thoughts?

I’ll come back around to this. When questions require deeper thought from me, I need to find time to sit down, fire up my computer and give it my full attention. I have a day job and personal life that demands my attention sometimes. I’ll get back to this in a day or two.


Sure, take your time. Just wanted to make sure it’s not forgotten. Thank you for your help.

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@Jeff_Hager I’ve figured it out finally. It’s a mix of what you suggested and some explanations in this topic Calculation/Relation with previous (list) data in inline list? Global var?

What was done in DB:

  1. Separate table with 1 row. Columns: Text(could be also template as you wrote)=“key”, User specific1="", User specific2=""

  2. Pills table. New columns: Template=“key”, Relation=Template.key in separate table.key

  3. Interactions table. New columns: Single value choice=Separate table.userspecific1, Single value choice=Separate table.userspecific2, IsInteract (IfThenElse column as Darren_Murphy described above but based on new sv columns).

What was done in UI:

  1. 2 buttons in new tab each writing main_component trough the relation column to its own column in the separate table
  2. Inline list with source of interactions table and with filter by IsInteract positive value.

Thanks again for your help.