How to save multiple instance of data with the same user


I have few questions regarding creating a prototype app.

Currently, I am making an app that allows me to order few things from a list of items.

When I click on a specific item, I will get some info about the item and then i will also get some fields that I will need to fill in.

Now i am struggling with saving these details separately in a different sheet in the same source (I don’t mind using a different source too)

In addition, some of these fields that allows input, I want to change them so it will save in a separate sheet. For some reasons I can only use the same sheet that the item is listed on.

I would also like to make the “Order Now” button to save all the fields that i just filled in a row, then resets everything back to normal for me to use again.

Here is some images to show what i am talking about. Unfortunately due to being a new account i can only post 1 picture.

Thank you

First make sure your entry components are writing to user specific columns in your products table. Then set up your button with a custom action that will first ‘Add Row’ to whichever other table you want by taking those user specific columns and passing them through to the other table. Then follow it with a ‘Set Column’ action that will clear the entry component columns so they are empty for next time.



Thank you for the reply,
The problem with your solution is that my “user specific column” data is saved on a different sheet than the one that i have the items saved on.

For Example,

Sheet-1 and Sheet-2

Sheet-1 contains the cakes and their specs

Sheet-2 contains user specific columns.

How do i add Input Entry’s that will allow me to select columns from a different sheet?

Hopefully this makes sense.
Thank you.

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After further inspection,

Are you telling me that I need to have the same columns from Sheet-2 on Sheet-1 to just fill information but when the user presses the button, it will transfer all the data from the Sheet-1 columns to Sheet-2 and then it will reset the columns. Am i correct?

Thank you

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Yes, you are correct. The user specific columns would be placed on your first cakes sheet. Then the button takes those user specific values and writes them to permanent basic columns in your second sheet.


Great, that worked for me. Thank you very much!

However, it still doesnt solve the enitre thing.

Now I am using the choice button to determine the price of the cake with its size. I created another Sheet (3), that has each size and its price.

So how can I transfer their choice to Sheet-2?

Also, I would like to add a quantity feature, where someone can selected how many they want and it will automatically display the correct amount.

Here are some pics of how the app is looking

I think what you can do here is add a relation from your current Cakes sheet to the Sizes sheet. The Sizes sheet should look like this:

ItemID | Size | Price
Cake001 | Small | $1.00
Cake001 | Medium | $2.00
Cake001 | Large | $3.00

Then you can let users write to a user-specific column the size they want to choose. This choice will be populated by the relation I mentioned above.

Then, you create a template joining the chosen item’s ID and the chosen size. In the Sizes sheet, you create the same template column with ItemID and Size.

Let’s say “Cake001 - Small”.

Then create a relation between those two templates and return the price for each cake. I assume you already write the quantity to a user-specific column, so you can have a math column to get the price and display it to the user.

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sorry for the late reply, got busy with few things.

As mentioned before, I already got a sheet with all the sizes and prices. However, I would like to ask if it is necessary to have the ItemID for each item AND size?

Also, could you help me with a demonstration on how I can create a “relation” between the two “template” you mentioned. I am a little lost on exactly what’s happening.

Thank you

Yes, you need that itemID for the relation. If you have names instead of IDs it’s kinda ok as I don’t expect duplicates here but I would still prefer using the itemID.

Once you have that setup, I think you can try my approach of configuring the template column in 2 tables and then do lookups based on it. Try that first and let us know if you face any problems.