How to restrict in edit overlay (using airtable database)

I want to show field like “job title”, “job description”, “published or not” , “Approval pending or not”, “Email”,

But I only want to make job title and description editable.

You have full control over the components that are displayed on the screen. If you don’t want editable components to be shown, the you can remove them.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager
I am not displaying the data like ID but it is still letting me edit it

In your Collection component configuration panel, click on Actions (top right).
This is where you control actions such as Add/Edit/Delete

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Hi @Darren_Murphy ,
there is only option to change what btn do not how to restrict certain items.
I don’t want to remove edit functionality just want to restrict it to few fields

On the Edit screen, all components will be shown in the left hand panel. You can add and remove these as you wish. You can also add conditions to individual components.

Thanks a lot wow I didn’t see that

Also is there a way to put another layer like
I want them to update the data and admin will decide if it should go live or not

  • Add a boolean type column to your table, call it “Approved”
  • When a new record is created, leave that column in its default state - empty/unchecked
  • Filter your list of records to only show items where Approved is checked
  • Create a separate screen for your Admin. Show the same list on that screen, with the filter condition reversed - where Approved is not checked
  • Allow your Admin to edit those records and change the boolean to true/checked

Let me try this :smiley:

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