How to remove member/owner from a group that is no more?


Bit of an ongoing saga this one.

  1. I have I created an app under one domain and transferred it into a new domain I removed from group and that was it I thought, bit not it seems as member
  2. has since been deleted but remains the owner of the app and of course as I cant delete him via the dashboard.

How to delete and/or to copy my app into to gain control?

Im guessing this is a support issue


Do you mean the custom domain for the app?

I think if you change it to a new domain it takes time, sometimes up to 1 day, for the change to fully migrate.

This information may help you.
Custom Domain

Hi thanks for the replies.

I’ve re-read my post and it is unclear.

Basically I have transferred an app between my email accounts & domains. Ive deleted the original owner email domain and now I cant remove it from the Glide dashboard as it still shows as owner.

I hope that’s clearer.


Do you still have access to the original (owner) email account?

If yes - login using that account and change the owner to somebody else. You’ll then be able to remove the email account.
If no - contact Glide support - - I think they will be able to help. Although you may need to be able to prove that you are the original owner.


unfortunately not

Will give support a try again