How to Relate items on same column on spreadsheet?

Currently, I am setting up my database, I am making a cost per ingredient on a recipe on glide but I am having an issue with having the recipe title. Is there a way to relate it all to the same column? I tried relations on glide but it didn’t work. Screenshot of the image below.


It looks like you have the right data setup here. What do you mean by “relating items” on the same column?

I think you can have a table like this for all ingredients, and in another sheet you have the unique recipes, then you use a relation from that recipes table to the ingredients sheet?

Forgot to mention another portion. Users will be entering their own recipes and ingredients. What i mean is that I want that in the title show only

Overnight Oats, and then show the ingredients together. Right now its treating each line as a separate recipe instead of one recipe.

With your solution of having two sheets one with ingredients and one with unique recipes. How would I go about setting it up so users would be able to add it on their own and have separate recipes?