How to reflect changes from one table to another

Hi folks,
I need some help with something maybe a little basic but that I don’t understand yet how to do it. I’m having issues with relations. I have two tables, one named “Things” and other named “Categories”. Inside categories I have the category name as shown in image 1. And in the Things table I have a column with the categories name as you can see in the image 2.

My question is how to reflect changes from the table “Categories” to the “Things” table. For example, if I change the first category name to “Trianges” instead of “Blocks”, the column category in the “Things” table remains with the same name, “Blocks” and not the new name “Triangles”.

Thanks in advance, I’m newbie in Glide and I couldn’t figure this out.

Add a RowID column to your Categories table. Then in your Things table, store the category’s RowID instead of name. Then change your relation to link the category’s RowID to the stored RowID in the Things table.

Don’t hard set the category name inside the Things table. Only store the categorycs Row ID. A Relation and Lookup column can lookup the correct category name through the relation.

A name can change, but RowID never will, so in many cases it’s better to use Row ID’s to build relations.


Thank you so much Jeff!

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