How to re-size list length on GlidePages?

I’m trying to create a POS System where the items are placed on the left and the order details is placed on the right. When I search for anybody it shifts the items to the left which is not what I want.



Is there a way to change the Z value of the list and have it maybe hover over the other elements or ideally not have it take up so much space, since it’s not needed?

It’s these little design details that are bothering me right now developing with Glide. I have some knowledge in CSS & would love it if there was a way to mess around with the div elements.

Thanks community!

Well for all your questions, it would be nice if we have CSS in Glide Pages but it’s not the case, it’s only available for Glide Apps.

Glide Pages is pretty new, so expect more changes to come, and I’m sure @Ivo_Elbert would love to see more suggestions like this.

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I understand, thank you so much. Honestly I’ve been very focused on Glide and learned a lot but because of these reasons I think I’ll need to check for alternative options, it’s very sad because I want Glide to work for me but it can’t. The design aspect is so limited, I can’t even centre align the top menu on GlidePages when it’s in full-width mode. Anyways it was fun, learned a lot - thank you so much for your input, and the community is great! :white_heart: