How to push user-data from different columns into rows?

Hey guys,

how to implement this UX with the data structure?

  • User can choose from different goals (1-N) and define each goal with personal date and amount. These data is stored in table user.
  • App dashboard will display a list with the defined goal

How to push these data from user, spread over separate columns, to goals into rows in order to structure it for the dashboard list?

If it were me, I would create a form that sends the submissions to a separate responses table. Next, I would create a relation from User table to the Responses table to get a list of each user’s responses. I’d then use that relation to display an inline list of the user’s responses, as needed.


Thanks @shchc! This implementation works very well.

Additional note: For collecting the submissions, I chose the “add a row” action - this stores each goal per user separately.