App with lots of user entered data

I would appreciate anyone that point me in the right direction with the following.

App allows anyone to create an account and a profile.
After creating an account, users are asked to complete 7 surveys.
Each survey has 10 questions.

Users can comeback anytime (1 hour, 2 days, 3 months, etc) and edit their answers to the questions.

That is it.

I assumed I would create 1 table for each servey, but how to how link it to the users ID.
only one row per person
They caan come back and edit later.


You would need 7 tables to store responses to each survey.

And maybe 7 helper tables where you will construct custom forms.

That way, people can go back and continue filling their form. Add a way for them to view their submitted responses and edit them as well. Prevent them from submitting a new entry should be straightforward with a relation to each response table, and hiding the button to open the form when the relation is not empty.

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