How to program Caesar cipher in Glide?


What is the best way to program Caesar cipher in Glide tables?


For that, it seems you’d have to break apart a string into its component parts (letters) and put it back together again with different lettering. Decrypting would be the reverse of the same process.

You might get some hints from this thread:

It’s probably going to be easiest to do something in Javascript. The second thing I’d look at would be an API.

I’m not-so-secretly hoping for a hold-my-beer one-single-computed-column solution from Jeff. This would be fun.


I guess it depends if the cipher could ever change. The easiest way to do it would be to use a template column to replace the values. You would just need 26 replacements. That’s a single column. :wink:

Otherwise a javascript column could give you something more robust.


yeah, JavaScript would be the way to go here.


Thanks Darren! You helped me again.

I don’t understand sources for replacements. How to split the word and make it work. So I did it for now with javascript.

In a template column, the source value would be the column that contains the value that you want to apply the cipher to. Then you would create replacement value for each letter of the alphabet. letter A could be replaced with letter C, letter B could be replaced with letter D, and so on. No need to split anything. You are just being in the value to be ciphered, and replacing each letter with a different letter.

But, the JavaScript is the better option.


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