How to prevent users to see a same data?

Hello! May be yours have some experience for this?

This is a call center app. I have a sheet of unsolved calls, and operators taking the oldest row use the relation by the marked “unsolved” row.

But all logged in operators see the same data and kicking out each other.

When operator pressed inline list with this unsolved calls it marking by operator “email”, throw set column.

But already some others already marked by themselves email, but there some delay to appear this on server.

The data in google sheet
How to solve it?

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If I understand your issue correctly, operators are not seeing changes made by another operator to a row/item quickly enough and this row needs to be seen by all operators.

To increase app performance, have you considered moving all of your data from Google Sheets to Glide Tables? You could leave basic columns in Google Sheets and only move your computed columns from GS to Glide Tables?

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This is a concurrency issue, and it’s a known issue with Glide. Moving to Glide tables will minimise the effect, but it won’t solve the problem completely.

To fully solve it, you essentially need to introduce a 3rd party to act as a proxy/arbitrator.

I described an approach below, using Integromat:


Thanks for your responses!

Wow! You mean to serialize access to data through All users will access to data one by one through same webhook.
It looks like must be a native features in Glide to solve concurenry access, but for now i can use
Good idea, thanks again!

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