How to pre-fill form with user data or current page

Feel free to send me a link to a thread if this has been answered, but I couldn’t find anything related to what I’m trying to do.

I’m trying to link my user data to specific action buttons/fields somehow. Not CURRENT user btw - but a selected user from my userbase.

One use case:
When I have a ‘share’ button to share a page, I’d like to be able to search my userbase for the person that I want to share it with - and then have their mobile or email details used to send a message or an email that contains a link to the current page.

This is for situations where I am using the app in-person and someone requests me to send them info - rather than having to manually enter a phone number and ask for a person’s email every time - I already have those details, I just can’t figure out how to call up those details and insert them into the fields (while also having blank fields in case an individual doesn’t already exist in our database).

There are other use cases where it would be helpful to be able to do this.

When I create a link to a page - there’s no possibility of selecting who it goes to prior to the link screen. And when I try to create a ‘send email’, I can’t seem to grab information about the current page to send on in the email.

Has anyone done something like this? Any suggestions for how I might do it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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So ultimately what you need is:

  • Search for a user in your database
  • Enter some text in a field
  • Send the text to the phone number/email that you have chosen

Is that correct?

If so, you can:

  • Navigate to the page you want to share
  • Add a user-specific column to the table that you’re building on
  • Add a choice component to write to that user-specific column, allow yourself to choose from the list of users to share to
  • Create relations if needed to retrieve the user’s email or phone, or just configure the choice component to write the email/phone directly
  • Build a template column for the email body/text message that contains the link to the current screen, then send it
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I’m looking for the same.

I’ve created a page that shows all users orders with my app. If the product needs to be replaced or changed, I’m looking to add an action button that allows to pre-fill the form to fill to ask for that request. The product and client information is already there, so It would be great to save them time to fill up

At the moment I could not solve it, but if I do I will share.

Can you clarify how does this relate with the orders table/screen of your app?

If the info is there already, I would add an add row action and use screen values for default values in the entry components. Or if you don’t need them to be changed at all, use screen values as special form values.