How to perform custom group sorting on a list


I am building a coaching platform on Glide Pages. Each coach has multiple “groups” with up to 12 users in each group. I am trying to make it to where a coach can select which courses their groups are able to see, and then choose the order the courses will show up on the list of courses when their users signs in.

I was using the Trebuchet method with a column in the courses table called “Groups Assigned”. This was allowing me to filter the courses list by the groups assigned column and the group name in the user profile.

I cannot come up with any possible way to have the courses list be sorted in the order the coach specifies.

Data tables I have: Users Table, Groups Table, Courses Table

Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

If each lesson can appear for multiple groups then I think this would be super tricky to do. The cleanest way is to add each combination of lesson x group on its individual row and use some sort of a numeric value to “sort” them, but I think you don’t want that many rows to be used considering you used the trebuchet method.


Yes this was my fear. I’m trying to conserve rows as much as possible. Appreciate you taking the time to respond! It is not a crucial feature that needs to be added thankfully.

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