🟢 How to pass array column to Donut chart source? 🟢

I have 2 Array Columns, called as 1. Name 2. Tip, now i want to show this data using the donut chart. So on the left side it should contain names and on the right side it should contain the tip values.

How to do that?


This donut chart shows column wise values, but i want row wise, and the source values should come from the above mentioned 2 array columns.

You would need to coerce the arrays into lists. Check out the “Miracle Method”

thanks @Darren_Murphy , but the above solution this is not my answer, the charts takes a column as a source, but i want it to be row oriented (where it takes values from the rows rather than the column). So i have a 2 row array where one is name and other is tip received, and i want to show that row oriented data like this.

Use Case: Suppose a manager has a 2 dummy accounts, and these dummy accounts need to be user specific, So the components for this dummy accounts are mentioned in the column, as can be seen in the below image. :point_down:

Now, when the manager if finished with tipping, i want to show him regarding the amount tipped and to whom

Why do you have your data in multiple columns like that instead of an external table to store just tips?

It can be:

Tipped by | Tipped for | Tip amount
manager1@example.com | john@example.com | 15
manager1@example.com | jacob@example.com | 10

Then you just need a relation to power the chart.

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