How to open link in app tab


Recently my links opened in the application, but since a modification, I do not know what it’s due, but the links open now in the phone browser: /

How to solve this problem ?
@Mark, @david

Thank’s you :grinning:

Are you using iOS or android? This behavior is ultimately controlled by the OS. Can you tell us which version of iOS or Android you are using as well please.

Hello @Jason

I use the latest version of IOS on iPhone X.
But I do not think that’s the problem, because the buttons opened the links in a tab of the app yesterday.

We are looking into it now

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Thank you @Jason, it’s very important for our user experience

EDIT : I created a new app with the same sheet, and the links open nicely in a tab in the app.
But my application does not open the links in the app but in a browser, I do not find the problem.


Yes I’m not currently able to reproduce the issue. The OS really does control this behavior (we are actually actively searching for a way to control this). Now that you are reporting this is seemingly possible somehow I am trying to figure out how.

If it can help you @Jason, I just discovered the problem.
This problem occurs when you change the app’s URL in the settings

Thanks looking into it. Repin the app should resolve the issue on your device.

EDIT : As much for me, indeed after the deletion, the problem is solved

So the issue is due to the mismatch between the served manifest file and the pinned app URL. This results in all sorts of wonky behavior and eventually total app breakage. There is very little we can do about that. Changing the app URL after pinning is generally not advised.

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