Different Actions for Button "Open as Link"

In this APP: https://cqacq.glideapp.io
Click the Read Today’s Chapter
When I click the button that “Opens as Link” the link will open ‘in’ the app. Then I just click “Done” to return to the app.
(also works the same on this one: https://my66books.glideapp.io )

But, in this APP: https://0wkzp.glideapp.io
Click Read Today’s Psalms
When I click the button that “Opens as LInk” the link will open in Safari (a whole nother app). I have to switch back to the app to continue.

I like the first one better.

What am I doing in the first app I am not doing in the second.

Well, it seems to be working as I wanted now … I guess just a temporary bug … fixed by an update!