How to mark Checkbox As TRUE if >180 in a number entry

I have a checkbox I’d like marked as TRUE if the number in another number entry is greater than 180.

I’ve set and If, then, Else, which outputs as true from that column, but the checkbox won’t connect to the if, then, else column, I even tried doing a make array to pull the TRUE from that column,

Is it possible to link a checkbox to a column that computes this?

I believe you are trying to show checklist component. The checkbox on this component must be bound to a basic column such as boolean or number. It won’t work with computed columns, because the checkbox should be clickable by the user to change the value on the bound column. You can however use datagrid component to show the checked status.

Here is an example:


thank you! So with all checkboxes, there is no possible way to have it progmatically shown as checked based on a computed column?

The checklist collection component reads from and writes to a basic column. The checkbox form component reads from and writes to a basic column.

If you compute and your output is a boolean value, then you could display that true/false value as an emoji or image that you decide would be an empty or filled checkbox. The associated component would then be text or image, but not the checklist collection nor the checkbox form component.


Got it thank you! It would be nice if there was a way to have it auto show as checked based on a formula, while still maintaining the ability to uncheck by a tap

Yeah, that would be nice, but at the moment you can’t tie a basic boolean to a change in another basic column.